Tea, Pink, Cute, Lolita, and Kpop!

I post a lot of tea cups/tea party pics, anything cute and pink, some kpop (mostly SNSD), lots of Lolita related things, and a lot of my personal handmade Lolita-esk accessories and clothing.

Permalink Can any one tell me what’s special about these #bracelets? #handmade #sailormoon
Permalink Tonight I looked at all my bracelets that I’ve made the past few weeks and a made up some sets I plan on selling. #accessory #bracelets #pearlbeads
Permalink I have been on a roll making these guys. #lolita  #crown #hair #accessory
Permalink Another new item I’ll be taking with me to future conventions. #lolita #crown #hair #accessory
Permalink So I went out in my first full on Lolita coord today. I felt like a princess!  

The blouse is Fanplusfriend
The skirt is handmade by me
The socks are secret shop
The shoes are an tai na
Oh and the purse was from dolldelight’s store envy.
Permalink Going around town in lolita today  :D 
Its my 1st time out with my first pair of Lolita shoes and Lolita blouse! I fel cuter today than I’ve ever felt before.  This is why I wear Lolita.
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