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So today was Sunday.  Every Sunday (or MOST Sundays) we like to go to the Asian District and walk around, shop, eat, ect…
Today we bought snacks.  
The bottle of beverage is my favorite White Peach drink. So tasty.  
Then we have the bag of Shrimp Chips - which is gross…I hate Shrimp Chips, I hate the smell, the taste, the…everything.   My husband loves them…ew.
The bag of chips next to them are like Corn Chips….but Cheese Flavored.  They are sorta sweet and they have the same texture as Cheetos…so it’s like they are Asian Cheetos.  Actually, when I was first introduced to them that’s how they were explained to me as.  At the time they had Teriyaki flavored as well as cheese…but I’ve never been able to find those since.  
Next we have a pork bun.  :)  There’s a shop we go to that sells hot fresh foods on Sunday - almost like a deli but not quite - and they ALWAYS have meat buns.  Chicken, pork, bbq pork… so tasty.  So today we bought a few pork buns - like 6 of them. XD
Lastly, there is a coconut waffle stuffed with sticky sweet rice and coconut.  And I LOVE these.
We also but some sushi and a plain coconut waffle but we had already ate those by the time I took this picture.    

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